Thursday, June 23, 2011

off to see my lover

My inspiration before I'm off to Cali. Taylor Tomasi, she's always got it going on. Only in the past year, I found Taylor and fell completely head over heals for her and her style. She rocks.

I leave early tomorrow morning. I'll see my Brandon around 9:30.
For those of you who have just started following me...Brandon has been my boyfriend for 5 years now, he joined the Marines a couple years ago. He's been to Japan and back and is now stationed in Cali. We've gone as long as 7 months apart. This time it's not so bad, I saw him in February. I'm still excited and so nervous!

I'll be posting some great pics when I get back.
Keep it real bitches! ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

in with the new

I dyed my hair.


Leopard top- old navy

Coral romper- forever21

Litas- Solestruck

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I will be packing my closet

I haven't done much these past few weekends. I'm trying to stay out of the stores because I must save money. I'm going to California in about 3 weeks. I'm going meet up with Brandon. He's still stationed in California, so we're going to spend 4 days walking around the beautiful San Diego. I need to save money so I can buy things at the stores that we don't have here in Louisiana. I've already been looking for the malls that have the stores I want to visit. I've also been putting outfits together for this trip, you know just making sure I have enough room in my suitcase. Speaking of room in my suitcase, I told Brandon, since he's driving to Cali and I have to fly, to bring some extra t-shirts for me to sleep in because I can't use up space in my suitcase for t-shirts. I have to bring as much of my California style wardrobe as possible. He understands.

white tee- urban outfitters////coral romper- forever21////navy boots- urban outfitters