Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it's a new day, it's a new life

Hii guys, so new update. I recently got a new job. I'm working at Urban Outfitterssss. It's technically just a "seasonal" position, but hopefully they keep me. I really did not enjoy my office position before this, so I'm happy to finally be doing something that's more on the track to where I want to be. Haven't figured out exactlyyyy where that is yet, but fingers crossed.
This jean jacket I love, it was in the plus size section in f21. The floral dress is also f21, and the heels...so stunning. They're a bronze color JC---nastygal.

Thanks guys for continuing to follow and inspire. I am so lucky to have such sweet and loyal followers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

snapbacks and tattoos


Hellloooo. I hope everyone's been well. I sure have.
This dress is one of my faves from Urban a long time ago. My jean vest from f21, the boots are my new go to shoe from Solestruck..super on sale. And the main attraction.....my vogue snapback from Nastygal. I literally stalked their site for 2 weeks waiting for this hat to show up. Even in the middle of a hurricane and no electricity I snagged this thing. Later to find out the hat sold out in the first 5 hours of it being on the site. I don't play games.

PS: I wish I had some tattoos to go along with this snapback. I actually have one in mind, hope to get it soon.