Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Between the Sheets

Hey guys!
I've been getting some good inspiration lately. I guess from all of the fashion night outs and fashion weeks, the killer outfits come out to the streets! My inspiration folder is getting bigger! Loves itttt. So here's a scarf that had too great of a pattern to ever get rid of, I believe it's from when I was in high school. I cut it to make it thinner and now it's a headband! These J Crew shorts were only $10 from Platos Closet, and the top was also a great cheap sale item from urban outfitters----(man, urban should be paying ME for all of the publicity I give them, lol)

Also, last weekend I went to the Hanson concert with my friends. I was never really big into Hanson, but I knew a New Orleans trip to the House of Blues would be fun. Their opening act was this singer named Meiko. I loved her! I think I could have just listened to her music all night. She was so awesome in concert, I love when the performers interact with the crowd. She talked to us more than Hanson did! Anywayssss, love her go check her out!

Headband- unknown :)
Top- urban outfitters
Shorts- Platos Closet
Sandals- urban outfitters

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well our mornings at least feel like autumn. WoooHOooo!
I got this skirt from forever21 for only like $4, I find a lot of great "unique" pieces at the forever21 in Louisiana where I live. People are afraid here. They don't take many risks with clothing. I go to school with a tye dye shirt over my blue and white striped romper, and I get the funny looks. Well, I take it as a compliment. Maybe today I'll wear a little harem pant and a sequin, just to ruffle some feathers. ;D

Top- urban outfitters<-----Also on sale, $14.
Skirt- forever21
JC Boots- solestruck

I also want to take the time to thank my loyal followers. Thanks a million for the comments! I never thought this blogging thing would be as successful as it is! I enjoy it so much!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Patent Love

A new Lita has joined my family. The subtle, but still a little out there, black patent Litaaaa! They are so perfect for the winter coming up, I have great leggings and pants that I can't wait to match with them! But for now, you know I love a boot with a short! :)

Top- Marshals
Tweed shorts- urban outfitters
Black Patent Lita- Solestruck

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Eve

Hellloooo all!
Today was great, no particular reason. You ever just have one of those days where everything works! I guess it doesn't hurt that my birthday is tomorrow! I don't have any real plans except school and dinner with the fam. Pretty pumped! Oh and I also just got a copy of Wayne's new CD...listened to it all the way home. I guess that also put me in a good mood. NOOOOOT to mention this beautiful weather we're having. The past two days have been a high of 80, with a cool breeze in the morning. This is good for Louisiana. So I guess that's my recipe for a wonderful day.

Top- love culture
18th amendment jeans- ebay
Shoes- dsw

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flowers and Stripes collide

This weekend has been a wet one, the tropical storm is causing me to stay inside and watch movies alllllll weekend! This pic was taken a couple of days ago, I cut my hair. It was feeling heavy and out of control. So she thinned it out and cut my bangs shorter. I'm liking it, for now.

So, this belt, super LOVE. Found it a long time ago at a vintage store in Baton Rouge, I haven't really worn it out too too much. This floral is a maxi dress that I also found at a vintage store. It is ideal for summer, also great for fall! See when I buy pieces, I like to think if I will be using it for more than one season, if so, it's worth the cost.

Top- forever21
Dress- vintage
Belt- vintage