Saturday, November 26, 2011

I will survive

Oh my goodness, thank all of you soooo much for the encouraging words. I am so thankful to have the support that I have as I am going through to the next stage in my life. I can't say it enough, but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for continuing to follow, support, and inspire!

On another note, I survived black Friday. My sister-in-law and I went to target and to the mall, and we made it out alive. We went a little late, and when I say late I mean like 3:30 in the morning. The rush had already come and gone by the time we got there. It was a blast. I came out with a few good deals, and I plan to go back tomorrow! Not for me of course....I swear. ;)

Jacket- old navy
Polka dot top- forever21
Leather shorts- forever21
Blue Litas- solestruck

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Manager wanted needed

I am starting to get a little frustrated. I am graduating in about 2 weeks, and I have no idea what to do next. Yes, I am so excited to have the freedom to do whatever I want, but I can't figure out what exactly I want to do!!! I started this blog because I was interested in a career in fashion, I wanted this to possibly help me in achieving that. I still would like a career in fashion, but where do I start!? Frustration....

Brick red suede jacket- forever21
Sequin top- forever21
Paisley pants- forever21
Lita- solestruck

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You were my first

Hellllllo all!

I'm home. I wish I wasn't. Good news though, graduation in less than a month. Sooooo, I will have the freedom to travel all around the world if I want. Yeah right, not enough funds, plus I have way too many clothes to bring along with me.

Well, here is a Missoni dress from target. The targets around here did not find it necessary to stock up on a lot of Missoni, so I was stuck with the only thing available besides some tank top thing. I do love the dress though, I also love that it is like an XL. Also, it was on sale. You know I love a sale!! The navy dress underneath is from forever21 recently. The beads on the collar are so adorable. And do not forget my navy Litas. My navy suedes have been getting the back seat since the patent blacks have come into the picture. I appologize, I still love you navy suede, you were my first! ;)

Missoni dress- target

Navy dress- forever21

Navy Litas- solestruck

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Live and Die in LA

So I'm leaving in like 2 days to see my boyfriend! We're going to Vegas for their Marine Ball and then we're driving to LA for 2 days. I can't believe the day is almost here. Of course I can't wait to see Brandon, but I have been wanting to visit LA for a long time now. I'm excited to finally fit in somewhere with what I wear...haha! I'm sure I will get tons of inspiration, hopefully!

Top- forever21
Tweed trousers- thrift (Purple Cow)
Shoes- dsw

A little old school to get in the spirit....
2Pac- To Live and Die in LA

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The graduation song always makes me cry

Hello all!
School is winding down. I believe I only have 5 weeks left! Then I graduate, and the day after that I'm off to New York. As of right now, that New York trip is just a vacation my parents are taking me on...I guess as kind of a graduation gift. Hopefully being in LA in about a week and then in New York, I will have a better vision as to where I want to be to start my career. I don't necessarily know what that career will be but, I' m so excited to see where this next year will take me!

Jacket- forever21
Jumpsuit- French Connection
Heels- Burlington