Sunday, January 16, 2011

thrifted is not a word

Finally went shopping today...have a lot of cute things to show youuuuu. As you know by now, I like to point out my favorites in my posts. Well, this necklace is by far my favorite piece of jewelry. Possibly my favorite thing I've ever owned. The color, the length, the all works! I am so lucky to have it. I passed it up the first time I saw it at a thrift store I visit often. I thought at the time it was a bit pricey for a piece of jewelry. I went back a few weeks later, not knowing there was a sale on all jewelry. When I went to buy it for the regular price I originally objected to..she tells me it's like 20% off. Small amount, but still satisfied. Something I will never get rid of!

(studded top: forever21; vintage necklace: thrifted; leggings: old navy; coral ring: forever21; black rain boots: urban outfitters)


Zarna said...

wow, that vintage necklace is just gorgeous!!

Alexandria said...

Love the bright pops of colour in the ring and necklace!

Anonymous said...

the necklace is so fantastic, i love the gray tshirt with it.


Taylor said...

Your necklace is really nice.