Sunday, March 6, 2011

spring is on hold for now

So I woke up this morning and it was CHILLY. That's Louisiana for ya, 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. Had a great weekend. Spent too much time sleeping though. This Insanity thing has got me staying asleep better and falling asleep easier. I'm enjoying it, especially today. Sunday's are a rest day, there is no exercise. Oh and my legs are finally recovering. I'm no longer sore.
I have the next 3 days off of school. That's one good thing about Louisiana...Mardi Gras!! It's a holiday for us. So I will be much for a holiday.

(fur vest: forever21; flannel: urban outfitters; leather shorts: forever21; Sam Edelman: ebay)


Aie Corpuz said...

nice to know that your legs are fine now! =) You look great lovey! =)

Villedela said...

Yes, I love the Sam Edelman's! I've been wanting the Zoe's forever... even though it's spring I'm still lusting over them.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love those shoes and the fur vest! And it does seem as if spring will NEVER come :( Come visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other!

Florina said...

love the outfit !