Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flowers and Stripes collide

This weekend has been a wet one, the tropical storm is causing me to stay inside and watch movies alllllll weekend! This pic was taken a couple of days ago, I cut my hair. It was feeling heavy and out of control. So she thinned it out and cut my bangs shorter. I'm liking it, for now.

So, this belt, super LOVE. Found it a long time ago at a vintage store in Baton Rouge, I haven't really worn it out too too much. This floral is a maxi dress that I also found at a vintage store. It is ideal for summer, also great for fall! See when I buy pieces, I like to think if I will be using it for more than one season, if so, it's worth the cost.

Top- forever21
Dress- vintage
Belt- vintage


Valentina said...

Nice combination!:)

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The Streets of Fashion

naomi: said...

this is such a cute outfit, you really pull it off well. and your hair looks great!
Xx naomi

Zarna said...

i love this mix of prints - you look great :)

Unknown said...

awesome skirt so romantic love the colour following you hope you follow me back kisses

Aya said...

Agreed--I love the belt! I love how you took a risk by collaborating stripes and floral. Great look! xox

cryskay said...

i love mixing patterns and i love how you mixed stripes & florals together! xx

Mikrofalla said...

I love your maxi dress!!

sandrine & france said...

Marie-Louise said...

llove clashing prints. cute look!

mestizay said...

Stripes and Floral is just LOVE!
I like the way you mix and match.:)

Russian Doll said...

Love your look

Unknown said...

Love how you combined different patterns together! The outcome is amazing, it's definitely a big trend this fall :)

I really like your way of thinking when shopping. I also am always aware of buying something that will have multiple uses or something I'd be able to wear more than once or twice :D

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