Saturday, May 5, 2012

there are plenty of reasons to smile

Well, I have been having a pretty rough week. Let's just say long distance relationships are hard! Things aren't completely done, but we're at a crossroads. I may be making a quick trip to Cali soon to figure things out. :/
Now, dry those tears there's a new banner on my side bar that you guys should check out! Shabby Apple, it looks amazing. There's really something for everyone. Clothes for women of all ages, shoes and accessories, and even some home decor. I can't wait to purchase some of their shoes..I've got my eyes on a few!

Enjoy my new top from f21--had to have it, it had a vintage feel to it. My favorite high rise shorts from Time Warp in Baton Rouge, and my long lost navy suede Litas.
Have a fabulous weekend!


Squared said...

LOVE it! And love your shoes (Of course, I always do!)

Elegantesque said...

Cute look !



Elegantesque Blog

if you want we can follow each other!

Kat said...

your shoes are spectacular! :D

Diana said...

wishing you the best of luck! long distance relationships are so hard i can only imagine what you are going through xoxo love this look too girly

Anneli M. said...

Oh my, what wonderful outfit! I never realised light blue denim shorts can look so good. You rock it, girl!

I have had a good read through your blog and I must say I love it, keep up the good work! I am your newest follower, please check out my blog too and it would mean so much if you followed back ;-)

Much love,

Naina said...

Aw I'm in a long distance relationship too - my boy's in Germany and I'm here in New York! But we've made it 5 years so it must work - hang in there hun :(
At least your shoes look ulta ulta fab!

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous boots! I love how they look with shorts.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

E said...

Love the 90s vibe to this look. Something very Chloe Sevigny about it (which of course I love).

Maria- CityLaundry said...

oh gosh, best of luck with your relationship. long-distance is hard but i know a couple of people that have made it work! stay positive and BTW you look lovely! that blouse is awesome!

Bohemian Fruit by Maru said...

Me encanta tu estilo

Carmen said...

Your shoes are always amazing! I hope things get better soon, relationships are always difficult!

Carmen Ri.

Jean-michel Cheng said...

Love it ! Your shoes are so pretty ! <3

Jenna Hughes said...

love the blouse! sorry about your tough week, it'll get better i promise!

his little lady said...

loving that gorgeous top! hope everything with you and your man is okay! i'm sure a trip out there will make everything better! and i know, long distance relationships are definitely hard. did that for two years with the mister before getting married ;)
xo TJ

NaNa said...

cute f21 top =)
love from the NANA girls xoxo

awhite said...

I'm sorry to hear about the distance problems- totally been there, so I know how you feel. I hope you sort it out!

You look lovely; the sleeves on that blouse are quite dreamy. :)


Giovanna said...

Cute look! Loving that top! Long distance relationships are hard! I hope things work out for y'all! Sending positive thoughts your way!


Jennifer said...

Your top is so pretty :)

xo Jennifer

Jennifer said...

I love your boots!

xo Jennifer

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great this blog full of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Love your shirt, and the socks with the shorts are pretty dang cute. Whenever I try it it makes my legs look sooo fat though. Poo

Jenny Rintala said...

Sorry to hear about your long distance troubles.. hope everything will be fine! <3
Love this simple,yet little edgy look:)
have wonderful weekend dear<3

xx, Jenny

ice pandora said...

I hope things are getting
better now with the
distance relationship!!

You look great as always,
love the white blouse!


Unknown said...

Nice look !

SunshineCitizen said...

Awesome outfit and the shoes are so amazing!